Kalda, Lyngholt

The East of Iceland.

Stay with us at Kalda, Lyngholt – Holiday Homes

The houses are in a forrest shelter with a great access to the car park for each house. Every house has a patio sheltered from wind and rain, an excellent place to enjoy and relax in the environment.  A short two minutes walk to an amazing waterfall.  Close to the waterfall there are ruins from an old watermill, by the mill is a small river. Just 10 minutes away from Kalda you will see the great river Grímsá, it is a popular river for fishing salmon and trout. Its quite lovely to walk along the river. In the fall you can forage around the houses, blueberries, crowberries and mushrooms can be picked.

Recently we installed a sauna and a jacuzzi that can be enjoyed all year round.

In the spring, fall and winter the northern lights often dance in all glory, so close that you feel like you can reach them.

Kalda is close to the “Alps of East Iceland” Stafdalur and Oddskarð, where skiing is popular.

We will always recommend the best suited activity for our guests, food, drinks, outdoor activity depending on weather, season and what people prefer.

We are extremely proud to invite everyone to come and stay in the peaceful place in the countryside-cosy in the East of Iceland.

GPS Coordinates:

65°14’34.6″N 14°31’02.5″W

65.242949, -14.517355

Book here by simply sending us a line and we will check the availability.

One thought on “Kalda, Lyngholt

  1. Hello we have reservation for tonight I let you know just we are on the way from hofn. should be we gonna arrived around 8pm thanks you very much .


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